Why world needs to move towards using cloth bags?

It is not a secret to anyone that human civilization specially the modern civilization have caused massive destruction to the nature. One of the biggest destructive force that has been created by man is the plastic. The use of single-use plastic has simply done more harm to mother nature than all the nuclear weapons included. Even though almost everyone knows that plastic specially the single-use plastic is harmful for nature the use of it has not reduced. However, the governments across the globe are coming round the fact that it is high time that they stop the use of plastic specially the carrying bags. This has resulted in the development of the clothes bag industry.

Why cloth bags are helpful to both humans and nature?

Cloth bags are in operation since the age of industrial revolution. However, it is because of the production of cheap plastics since the early 60s that has resulted in the downfall of the cloth bag manufacturing industry. Cloth bag factory ( โรงงานกระเป๋าผ้า,which is the term in Thai) have suffered the most because of the advent of plastic bag making industry and factories. The cloth bags are useful and better than plastic bags because of two simple reasons. Firstly, the cloth bags are sustainable and biodegradable. This simply means that the cloth bags get degraded very easily given the proper amount of time. The second reason is that the cloth bags can help you carry much bigger weights than your regular plastic bags. Thus cloth bags provide both safety to the nature as well as durability for human use on a regular basis

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