The major uses of plastic worldwide:

Though plastic possess a major threat to the environment but it is still used worldwide for many reasons. One of the major use of plastic is observed in food industry. It is used to store foods for long lasting use. Carbonated sugar drink factories also use plastic bottles to store drinks until the reach to the customer. Moreover, the plastic bags are easy to mover around but make sure that you dumped properly. Now day’s plastic is also used widely in electronic items as well. This is because plastic is a great insulator of electricity and it prevents short circuits. One of the major characteristic of plastic include that it is light weight, in toxic. Some of the plastic are fire resistant as well which is why it is being highly preferred to install PVC pipes inside the building. Furthermore, plastic is also used to make Trophy [ถ้วยรางวัล, which is the term in Thai] which you often see at award ceremonies. There is no doubt that plastic possess a great harm to the environment. And we need to consume it as low as possible.

Is plastic a threat to the environment?

Plastic hold a major threat to the environment. They not only harms surrounding around us but it also affects life under water. Aquatic animals are the ones which are affected most by the pollution. This pollution is mainly due to the excessive use of plastic. Plastic does not decompose easily which makes the life hectic not only for animals but for humans as well. There is a high percentage of aquatic animals which die every year due to the pollution. Many countries in the world have ban plastic due to the harm they cause to the environment.

Is there any substitute for plastic?

Bio degradable plastics are plastics which can be used as a substitute. This plastic decompose easily and does not harm the environment. These plastics are usually made up of microorganisms, raw materials, and petrochemicals.

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