How Fuel Prices and Other Factors Impact Your Auto Transport Price?

Automobile shipping prices are generally impacted by several factors. In fact, there is no fixed price for transporting a car. You may also get a car shipping quotation straight from your broker, but keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily the final pricing. To get an idea about the shipping costs you can request for the quotes from some of the top auto shipping companies in the industry. 

As discussed, there are several factors, which affects the shipping cost of a car. Apart from shipping distance and your car size, even the market factors can affect the car shipping costs. 

Let us discuss about those factors in detail here. 

  • Vehicle Size: Shipping charges generally depend on the weight, length and height of your car. The shipping charges also depend on ground clearance. 
  • Vehicle Condition: The shipping cost will be generally less if the vehicle is in perfect working condition. On the other hand, the inoperable vehicles can cost you more when it comes to shipping. 
  • Transport Type: You can between the enclosed and open transport in this case. Besides, the open transport is generally cheaper than the enclosed one. 
  • Shipping Distance: The farther the distance the more the shipping cost will be. This means, long distance shipping cost will be higher than the short distance shipping. 
  • Fuel Price: Shippers’ operational costs are increased by high gasoline prices, which is generally passed on to the consumers.
  • Specific Time: Due to rise in the demand, auto shipping will be costlier during specific months. Summer months generally come with the greatest rates. Auto shipping cost will also be high during January.

Hope you have understood how diesel prices effect the auto transport industry, looking at the above pointers. There are so many companies in US which offer auto shipping services. The auto shipping services from some companies are very costly, while some provide their services at a reasonable price. Some of them are trustworthy, while some are not. 

How to lower your car shipping cost?

Mentioned below are some tips, which helps you save your money on the shipping cost. 

  • Book in Advance: If you want to save your money then book the auto shipping services in advance always. Check the quotes with different car shipping companies to find a good deal. 
  • Discounts: Look into what kinds of discounts vehicle transport firms provide to help you save money on shipping. Many automobiles rental companies provide discounts to students and veterans.
  • Open Shipping Services: Open shipping services are much cheaper than the enclosed carrier services. Hence, people who wants to save money could choose open air shipping services. 
  • Multi-Car Shipping: Look into multi-vehicle shipping because shipping your automobile alone will be much expensive. Hence, choose a shipping company which ships multiple vehicles together.
  • Remove Unnecessary Items: Make sure that you remove unnecessary items from your car. Leaving additional items in your car could result in increased weight. And, more the weight, the more shipping charges will be. 

Find a good shipping company today, to ship your car safely to your new place!



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