Various places in Japan which have best cherry blossom 

Cherry blossom is the dreamy scene that everyone wants to see once in their lifetime. If you want to experience the most beautiful cherry blossom you can visit Japan. The beauty of Japan attracts many travelers and many of them are having Japan in the top list of their traveling diaries. Most people are confused regarding the season of cheery blossom and they search for the questions like when is the best cherry blossom 2020. You can visit Japan in the month of March and April to view the mesmerizing dreamy scenes of flowers all over the place. 

Places that you can see most beautiful cherry blossom are:

  • Mount yoshino – this place was planted with the cherry plant thousands year back. You can view the slop of the mountain covered entirely with beautiful cheery blossom. You can view variety of colors on the slope which makes this place different from other. There are many colors that you can see which creates amazing landscapes. 
  • Hirosaki Castle Park – this place is filled with cherry plants and gives you the cloudy effect. Pastel pink color is the beauty of this place and can be found in abundance. The castle situated at this place is around 4 hundred year old and adds a vintage touch to the entire scene. Many landscape photographers visit this place to capture some beautiful scenes. 
  • Shinjuku gyoen – this place is located in Tokyo. Many travelers who visit Tokyo are attracted by this place as it is very peaceful and full of cherry trees all over. During the blossom season this park has a mesmerizing look which you can enjoy. This place is located in between the main city surrounded by the tall buildings. If you are traveling with your partner this is the ideal place for you to visit. 

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