Pot Odds: Are You Making Profitable Plays?


  • A pot odd is the quantity of cash withinside the pot as compared to how an awful lot you want to make investments to win it. In different words, if there may be one hundred chips withinside the pot and you need to make investments one hundred chips to win it, you’d be getting one hundred chips for one hundred chips, or 1:1.
  • Pot odds are vital due to the fact whilst as compared for your outs (or your opponent’s range), you’ll be capable of deciding whether or not calling (or shoving) is a worthwhile play or now no longer. I’ll provide an instance to expose you to what I mean.
  • Say I’m withinside the identical BandarQ scenario as above — I have Aks on a Q-T-2 rainbow flop. The blinds are one hundred/2 hundred and the pot is 1100 at the flop. My opponent is first to behave and bets 750. My purpose now’s to determine my pot odds so that I can determine out if I can name and draw, or if I want to fold.
  • To determine this out, what I do first is take 1100 withinside the pot and divide it with the aid of using the quantity I want to name (1100/750). What we get is 1. five. This is written out like 1. five to one or 1.five:1. It’s like pronouncing that for every $1 we make investments, we stand to win $1.50.
  • The subsequent step is to show this right into a percent. So I take my funding and divide it with the aid of using the full sum of money withinside the pot — 1 / 2.5. This tells us that my pot odds are 40%.
  • All that’s left now are to evaluate the percentages. As lengthy as my pot odds (percent) are smaller than the percentages of hitting my hand, then the decision is worthwhile. The wider the margin the greater worthwhile it is. In my case, calling BandarQ right here might now no longer be worthwhile over one street, and breakeven over streets. The accurate play might be to fold.


That’s all there may be to it easy, right? If you locate that you’re having a tough time identifying your outs and odds even as playing, there are various outs and pot odds charts to be had online. They need to assist you out till you’ve got your outs and odds memorized.

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