How to Spend a Weekend Living in Vegas

The Perfect Weekend in Vegas: 3 Day Las Vegas Itinerary


If you are planning to be in Vegas for the weekend, I’m sure you probably have some glamorous things in mind to do. You have probably imagined going to the casino or a show, but how will you know which ones to go to?


With the many, many options that Vegas has to offer, it can be hard to pick what you want to do, especially when your time is limited to one weekend. Considering all the Los Vegas has to offer, here is how to spend a weekend in Vegas:

Hit the Casino

If you have truly come to Vegas for the quintessential Vegas experience, you probably want to go to the casino. Whether you are familiar with the different games, or simply want to try a round of black jack just to say that you did, Las Vegas is obviously the place to be.


For an experience to go with your casino play, head to Caesar’s Palace, where you can take in the beauty of the hotel, as you enjoy the casino. Even walking through the casinos in the different hotels can be a cool experience for your weekend in Vegas, especially if you prefer not to gamble and probably lose your hard-earned money.

Catch a Show

From famous performers headlining residencies in Vegas to magicians performing regularly at hotels, there is a show in Vegas for everyone. If you are going to spend the weekend in Vegas, you have to catch a show. Based on your preferences, see who is performing the night that you are in Sin City and buy your tickets ASAP.


One venue to check out in the Park Theater, which has hosted such huge names as Lady Gaga and Cher. If you have come to Vegas for another quintessential Vegas experience, book a Cirque du Soleil show at the Bellagio Hotel. You can also check out many of the other hotels with shows to see who is headlining while you are in town.

Head to a Museum

While Vegas is mostly known for its entertainment, casinos, and food, if you want to have a unique experience for your weekend in Vegas, check out one of the many interesting museums in the area. If gambling and nightlife is not your scene, head out during the day to learn about some new things that you may not have considered.


Some of the interesting museums you can check out in and around Vegas include The Mob Museum, the Pinball Hall of Fame, Neon Museum, and the National Atomic Testing Museum.


If you find that one weekend in Sin City isn’t enough, and you want to make the move permanent, check out the apartments for rent in Las Vegas. While they may not have all of the luxury or excitement of a hotel room on the strip, they will put you close to the action year round, and not just for a weekend here or there. Whether you move or just visit for the weekend, be sure to make the most of your time in Las Vegas. 


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