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Middlesex – Gazebo Fine Foods Ltd offers a wide range of high quality authentic flavoured foods with an emphasis on quality, value, and taste. From delicious traditional world foods and nutritious ready meals, handmade snacks, and accompaniments, all made with the highest quality hand-sourced spices from around the world, Gazebo Cuisine has your authentic Indian, Asian, and American snacking needs covered.


Gazebo Fine Foods Ltd specialises in providing retail and wholesale outlets all over the UK and Europe with a wide selection of wholesome and delicious chilled & frozen world food solutions including the convenience, retail, forecourt, cash& carry, wholesale, and foodservice sectors. Their range of foods are based on authentic recipes, perfected by leading culinary experts in test kitchens under the most ideal circumstances. Using MAP packaging, Gazebo Cuisine is able to provide extended shelf life on many of their most popular chilled products.


The Gazebo Cuisine website, which can be found at: offers their complete range of traditional world foods, useful information, a wholesaler’s section and much more. With an attractive, easy to use format, Gazebo Cuisine has made it easy for their retail and wholesale customers to find the authentic Indian, Asian, and American foods they are looking for.


Gazebo Cuisine is an independently owned and operated family business and has built a reputation for quality foods and exceptional levels of customer service and support. Since 1986, Gazebo Cuisine has been the Market Leader in producing authentic snack and ready meals covering Indian, Asian, and American foods and their commitment to the needs of today’s consumers has made them a popular choice among world foods suppliers in the UK.


The Gazebo Cuisine website and all Gazebo Cuisine products are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Gazebo Cuisine in the UK.


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Unit 2 & 4 Fourth Way,

Wembley Middlesex,

HA9 0LH.

Telephone +44 (0) 208 900 0244

Facsimile + 44 (0) 208 903 4321


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