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Japan is a place where sports play a significant part. Take a look at their medals tally in any sporting event, including the Olympics, and you will know how passionate and hardworking they are in both traditional as well as modern sports. Children take active part in sport right from a very young age, and that is to limited to participating is the annual sports of the schools. They actually take pride in their sports and are highly dedicated. There are different types of traditional sports played in Japan. You may visit a Japanese sport blog and find all relevant information about them.

Sumo and Kendo

The de facto national sport of Japan happens to be Sumo. Think of Japanese sports and you will visualize a couple of sumo wrestling entangled in a bout in their traditional attire. It is a bewildering and enthralling spectacle that is deeply rooted in the tradition and culture of Japan. Having a history of more than 1500 years, this specific sport is actually a Shinto ritual, a fight between the people and the gods. Kendo, of the other hand is a noisy and furious type of sport. This is the oldest form of Japanese martial art that combines, skill, power, and bravery.

Judo, Karate and others

Judo is a sport that involves skill, speed and subtlety. Here is the size and strength of the participants matters most. Another common and most popular form of Japanese sport is Karate. The origin of this sport is somewhat debatable because it is believed to have originated from Indian subcontinent and then to China and then Japan. Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu are also there to watch which are considered to be much less aggressive martial art. These sports focus more on defense and redirecting energy and power of the attacker without causing any harm.

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