Exciting Music Activities To Do With Children

Music is linked to spatial reasoning skills. Children with good musical skills are able to put puzzles together more easily, read a map, visualise things and understand relationships between objects. Music helps to improve maths skills, because children apply the concepts of proportions, ratios and fractions when using and writing musical symbols. Many musical instruments require rapid coordination of both the eyes and hands, which improves reflexes and responses.

Children can get many other benefits from music by doing any of these fun and exciting activities:

Make Homemade Musical Instruments-as a first introduction to music, empty containers filled with beans or grains could become shakers. It’s also easy to make a DIY guitar with rubber bands and an empty tissue box. Even if you plan to purchase real musical instruments for your children later, this activity helps children to understand how musical instruments work.

Sing To Children- although you might not be that good at singing, it’s an effective way to provide an early introduction to music. You can soothe your little baby with lullabies and calming tunes. As children get older, you can sing together and it will be a lot of fun to have family singalongs.

Regularly Play Music In The Background- although children don’t really focus on the background music, it’s enough to set up a musical environment at home. Play appropriate music when doing chores, cooking, studying or on a road trip. Children will associate their happy memories with music. By listening to a certain song, they can recall things that the family did together.

Learn Musical Instruments- this is the most direct and best way to get immersed in music. Parents should observe what musical instruments that children would enjoy the most. Parents may purchase affordable guitars, keyboard or any instrument that’s adequate for musical learning. Children can start playing and learning with an actual instrument. This could be the start of a lifetime interest in music.

Find Musical Books- go to the local library to find relevant musical books for children. Choose books that have easy melodies and songs, so children can play them with their musical instruments.

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