Power supply: important factor in offices

A power supply is a very much important factor in the official work, because the lightning, computer appliances and many other electrical depend on it. The power supply is not the only factor, but besides it channelizing the power supply is also a very important part, for further extensions of power plug boards are used. Normally the extensions used should be 250 volts. Generally, to protect the appliances from the voltage spikes, the surge protector maintains the voltage to 120 v, and if the voltage trips it automatically cuts the supply.  Hence the power automatically shots the trip switch. So, the plugs used in the offices should be provided with a plug with surge protector (ปลั๊กไฟ คอมพิวเตอร์ which is the term in Thai).

How appliances secured?

Whenever the power supply experiences fluctuations in the voltage, the surge protector so having control over the voltage manages to cut the supply. It protects the appliance from both high and low voltages. Different types of stamps and marks of the trusted plugs are being used. Electrical surges can also happen when the plug is damaged or shocked. Sometimes the plugs are overheated and get shot, this may harm the appliances present in the office.

Cautions when using plugs

First of all, use the products or plugs which are certified with certification mark of industrial products. Don’t neglect the damaged plugs and switches they may cause shot circuits and appliances may get harmed. Usage of portable plugs in the outlets where moisture is present can also cause harm to appliances, or the people around. And last but not least whenever there is a spark or smoke from the circuit the power code should immediately cut because they may cause a fire from the electrical heating and sparks. Cords and wires should also be tested properly.

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