Enhance your safety, convenience and comfort with effective tire


In today’s fast and hectic lifestyle people from different walks of life prefer to drive car than commuting in public transport. As the numbers of car on road are increasing it is becoming imperative to drive responsibly to avoid accidents and causalities. The tire of the car plays significant role in the fuel efficiency, handling and safety. On road safety must be the top most priority hence choose the best tire for y our car such as Yokohama tire (ยาง รถยนต์ yokohama, which is the term in thai) and keep the road safe for you and others. With high performance and durable tire everyone can drive with confidence and deal with any adverse situation on such as uneven road, snow, heavy traffic, etc.

Be well aware

There are people who are not aware of the contribution of a well maintained tire for smooth and safe drive and while buying tire they often do random selection. Picking right tire for your car can make a huge difference in changing and maintaining the direction of travel, braking forces to the road surface, absorbing road shocks,transmitting traction, etc. Hence consider few aspects before taking any unambiguous decision

  • Quality, durability and affordability of the tire
  • Specification such as Width, Sidewall height ratio, Wheel diameter, etc.
  • Choose your tire type such as all-season, winter, summer, All-terrain , Touring tires
  • Handling and comfort
  • Types of the road most likely to drive such as city driving, highway driving, unpaved roads, etc.

Well maintained tire

To avoid any sorts of inconvenience before sitting behind the wheel it is always important to check the condition of the tire. Checking some aspects such as pressure, the tread, the grip, cuts, deep scratches, punctures, bulges, bumps, the outer-coating, etc. can save your time and effort on road. Regardless of the tire service you need such as tire change, nitrogen filling, tire patching, etc. choose the best service center and have peace of mind.

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