Advice For Moist Homes

Is the home moist?

A moist house can encourage mould growth and mites which could increase the chance of illness. Below are great tips to recognize the reasons and how to proceed.

Water ingress

Moist brought on by water penetrating from outdoors has a few obvious signs. First of all water penetrating through brickwork will extract the salts and then leave a white-colored deposit known as efflorescence. Next a leak leaves a tide mark. Because the problem will get worse further ring marks can look. It may be beneficial to mark the outer ring and monitor to determine the way it progresses. Frequently it requires several tries to solve a leak as water can travel in unusual routes.

If either of those signs are apparent look for apparent causes like a dripping or blocked gutter/downpipe, objects stacked from the exterior wall bridging the moist proof course, dripping pipes, dripping overflows, harm to roof or missing tiles. If fixed rapidly you will see less harm to the material from the building. For additional serious problems or no apparent signs have an expert in. If you think the moist proof course is broken or there’s not just one advice from the moist-proofing specialist is going to be needed.


A standard reason for moist is condensation. Condensation takes place when moisture in mid-air hits a chilly surface and condenses. For this reason it’s more an issue in cold temperature. Indications of condensation are mould development in the corners of the room, around home windows, behind wardrobes/cupboards, above cookers and baths and often on north facing walls.

It is important to treat any mould existing first. Wash off mould having a fungicidal wash following a manufacturers instructions. Bleach may also be used but might damage surfaces and care is needed not to have it onto the skin. Don’t brush or vacuum up mildew out of the box will disturb the spores. Always dry clean clothes and shampoo carpets.

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