Guide to Oracle(r) Sales Cloud Integration : Quick and Easy Magic Xpi Integration Platform Connectivity for Oracle CX Cloud


An essential book for Oracle Sales Cloud success! Guide to Oracle Sales Cloud Integration clearly identifies the building blocks of Oracle Sales Cloud integration so that you can successfully run your business using Oracle Sales Cloud. Lots of excellent use case examples and implementation stories. Clearly defined tables of resources and screen captures are included throughout. Guide to Oracle Sales Cloud Integration is an essential reference work for Oracle Sales Cloud integration, interfaces and connectivity using Magic xpi Integration Platform. By reading this book you should gain a thorough understanding of the Representational State Transfer (REST) API functions in Oracle Sales Cloud and how they can be used in the Magic xpi Integration Platform published by Magic Software. The first two chapters of the book cover the overall capabilities of the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, known as the Oracle CX Cloud for short (Chapter One) and the Oracle Sales Cloud (Chapter Two). In Unit One: Oracle Sales Cloud API Resources, we explore the ability of Magic xpi Integration Platform to manipulate the Oracle Sales Cloud REST API. Each chapter in this unit examines a particular set of Oracle Sales Cloud API calls and examines their functionality. Chapters cover: Leads, Households, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Forecasts and Orders, Activities, Products, Partners, Partner Programs, Partner Program Enrollments and Benefits, Deal Registrations, Sales Management Functions, Sales Territories, Service Requests, Payments and Paysheets and Resources and Queues. In Unit Two: Magic xpi Integration Platform, we will investigate the detailed workings of the Magic xpi Integration Platform. We will explore chapters on Use Case Scenarios, Magic xpi Studio, Magic xpi Monitor, and Magic xpi Integration Platform Server. An index has been provided for ease in finding specific API resources by name as well as other material not listed in the table of contents.


Glenn C Johnson
Paperback | 116 pages
152 x 229 x 6mm | 163g
Publication date
20 Mar 2017
Magic Press